Roberto Rangel the proprietor of Bonsai Bliss first became interested in Bonsai while watching the Karate Kid movies as a young boy, but did not pursue the ancient art form until one day in 1996 by chance he came across a bonsai and purchased it. With the aid of a Bonsai book he had also purchased he began to create his own bonsai trees. It wasn’t long before his backyard was filled with bonsai.

Roberto is a self taught bonsai artist, his knowledge gained from many different sources including books, the internet (you tube is great!!), conversing with other enthusiasts and Bonsai Clubs.

In 2003 he moved to his acreage property and decided to start to turn his passion into a business. By selling bonsai trees at the local markets he was able to purchase more trees, shrubs and pots  to create more bonsai and over the past 18 years Roberto has all so been propagating trees and shrubs from seed and cuttings. He now stocks more than 3,000 potential bonsai and bonsai trees and all so has available a wide range of bonsai accessories. In September 2013 he opened up a Bonsai shop in Lismore dealing in Bonsai. Roberto has over 20 yrs experience with Bonsai and has won awards and held exhibitions.  

Roberto also has an interest in Japanese gardens and landscapes and is offering a service in designing and constructing Japanese gardens. We have a variety of landscape trees and plants available for creating Japanese gardens including Japanese maples and Japanese black pines.

Bonsai Bliss is the biggest supplier of bonsai in the Northern Rivers NSW area. The art of Bonsai has given Roberto many hours of meditation, pleasure and bliss and it can do that for you too.

Blessings from Bonsai Bliss.



                                   Roberto’s son Marcel at the nursery.