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bonsai hire

At Bonsai Bliss we offer a wide range of products and services along with a genuine caring and friendly attitude. We love bonsai and are very passionate about bonsai art so you will be getting the best results when you deal with us.

Products we offer: Bonsai starters from $10, Bonsai trees, potential Bonsai trees, crystals and beautiful natural stones,  Bonsai landscape in garden bed with a running waterfall feature, landscapes and group or forest settings, Zen and Japanese garden feature trees, Bonsai tools, and all other Bonsai accessories.

Services we offer: We offer a landscaping, garden design and construction service that include bonsai gardens, Japanese gardens, Zen gardens and also garden maintenance. We offer a free consultation and quote so be sure take advantage of this great offer.

We conduct demonstrations and workshops for schools, clubs and any group of people wishing to learn about bonsai. Demonstrations and workshops can be tailored to suit the group. Demonstrations and workshops are a great way to learn.

Demonstrations run for at least one and a half hours. The cost for a one and a half hour demonstration is $200 and travel is extra depending on the distance. Workshops are priced upon booking.

Maintenance services: Japanese gardens,  Re-potting, pruning and shaping of Bonsai trees. Holiday care and bonsai doctor service. Pickup and house calls can be arranged. Maintenance services are $40 per hour and a travel fee may apply

Bonsai hire: We provide a Bonsai hire service and we service an area from Northern Rivers NSW to the Gold Coast. The hire of Bonsai outside these areas can be arranged by freight. Fees for delivery may apply depending on the size of the bonsai and the location. The hire fee is from $20 – $150 per week.

If bonsai are to be kept indoors they must be swapped over once a week and this may incur a delivery fee depending on location. The person that hires the bonsai is responsible for the watering of the bonsai (please read the watering section on our care instructions that you can view on the basic facts page)

Bonsai Lessons: Beginners classes are held at our studio during business hours. Beginners classes are free and consist of Roberto creating a bonsai from scratch. Beginners classes cover the basics of pruning, wiring and repotting and run for approximately half an hour. We all so hold intermediate and advanced classes and can be conducted during business hours or after hours, they are not structured this gives the student the flexibility to learn at their own pace and skill level. The cost is $40 per hour for a one on one class, groups can be arranged and will reduce the cost per person depending on the size of the group. All classes are held by appointment.

Below are some of the price ranges for our Bonsai, we do have larger bonsai than these sizes seen below we also have many more varieties available such as Azalea, Ficus, Japanese box, Japanese black pine Japanese maple and Chinese elm. If there are any other varieties you are looking for please contact us as we have others available from time to time or may be able to source them.


2 year old japanese juniper $15


4 year old bonsai tree
4 year old japanese juniper $25-$30
8-10 year old japanese juniper $75-$80