Basic Facts

Some basic facts about Bonsai:

Bonsai are not a special type of plant; any tree or shrub can be used for bonsai. There are some species of trees that are more suitable though, for instance trees with smaller leaf sizes are preferred.

Bonsai are not starved, tortured or deprived of nutrients including water. In fact bonsai need to be watered and fertilized regularly. Nature often produces bonsai naturally when trees are exposed to harsh conditions like frost, wind and snow that can cause the branches to break or die back. If this happens early in the trees life it causes lots of branches to grow and as the tree gets older it takes on the characteristic of a very large old tree in miniature form.

Bonsai are kept small by using special pruning techniques. It is the belief of many people that bonsai are hard to care for but this is simply not true. Below is a copy of our care instructions that you can view and print. I’m sure after reading it you will see that anyone can be successful at keeping bonsai.

Basic care requirements for Bonsai